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Our approach

We help you to focus
Realizing sustainable growth requires you to make (the right) choices: to strengthen what works for you and to let go of what doesn’t. We support this by involving your people in the process and by making use of the knowledge within your organization. By analyzing your sales. By interviewing your customers – with your approval of course. By identifying the greatest (market) potential to fully use your companies’ strengths. By making clear choices on the basis of newly gained insights, and by jointly developing a strategy and formulating tangible, measurable objectives for the coming years.

We help you to organize
Realizing sustainable growth demands structural changes to your internal organization. Sometimes these are radical, sometimes modest. This process of change we support in a ‘hands-on’ way, tailor made for your organization. We aim to achieve acceptance throughout your organization – possibly the most important key to success.

We help you to succeed
We help to professionalize your organization, business processes and systems in such a way, that they will optimally support your chosen strategy. We will work out what needs to be done when and by whom in order to reach your objectives and will show you what financial results this will bring. Implementation of this change process requires leadership and commitment - from yourself and from your employees. We help you to bring out this potential.

We bring the right people
Depending on your needs, we will have the perfect match for you in terms of capacity, experience, and personality out of our wide network of 100+ experienced specialists.

Our approach varies from situation to situation. We do not have a fool proof, ready-made model ‘on the shelf’. However, we do have a wealth of experience in realizing sustainable growth within organizations, examples of which you will find on this website.

DOWN TO EARTH strengthens you in sustainable business practices: good for people, planet and profit.