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Who we are?

DOWN TO EARTH is a network community of passionate, technical-commecial interim managers and consultants with a wide experience in industry.
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Bundles available energy and helps organisations to professionalize.

CHANTAL is ‘the engine’ behind DOWN TO EARTH BV. She is open, enthusiastic and is dedicated in her work to create value for all stakeholders. She is both conceptual and pragmatic, knows how to mobilize and develop people, to build bridges between different cultures (functional, regional, between companies) and to sustainably improve performance. She helps to create new opportunities by listening, matching companies strengths to market potential, optimizing value chain processes (by focusing only on activities which add value) and by empowering people.

Chantal studied industrial design & engineering / marketing. She has 20+ years experience in industry / FMGC / life sciences.
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Delivers complex projects 'on time in full’ with flair.

MARC is an energetic, enthousiast technical initiator, innovator and catalyst. He quickly understands complex situations, has an eye for essential details and is pragmatical. As program manager / project leader he knows how to guide and motivate teams and to deliver projects to the agreed specification within budget and time.

Marc studied electro-technical engineering. He has 20+ years experience in telecom / technical professional services.
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Translates technical procurement into sustainable results.

TACO is a linking factor, who thinks cross boundaries. He is analytical, emphatic, creative and client orientated. With his broad interests and experience in industry, Taco is able to translate complex (procurement) matters into concrete and sustainable results. He knows how to build commitment, creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

Taco studied chemical process technology. He has 15+ years experience in (petro)chemicals / FMCG.
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Puts food companies firmly on the map.

CAROLIJN enjoys working in teams. She is approachable, has a sense of humor, invests in development of her staff and builds sustainable, workable solutions, supported by senior management. She has a broad techno-commercial track record (including: marketing, procurement & logistics, maintenance and production) and ‘enjoys the journey’ as much as the end result. Carolijn has a helicopter view, keeps the long term vision in mind and knows when to zoom in and out when needed. She brings structure, is decisive, and clear in her expectations and feedback to her staff – always conscious of personal relationships.

Carolijn studied mechanical engineering. She has 20+ years experience in discrete industries / FMGC.
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Improves quality, output, costs and sustainability in technical companies.

BERT is a hard worker, has seniority, high integrity and is open to others. He understands complex situations quickly and knows how to build commitment and structure. Bert is focused on quality - and productivity improvement, cost reduction, increasing sustainability of (preferably technical, energy - or logistics) companies - always with people in mind though! Bert specializes in:
  • Program- and project management
  • Sustainable asset management
  • Consultancy with regard to energy related topics.

Bert studied mechanical engineering / business administration. He has 20+ years experience in energy / FMGC.
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Gets the best out of teams in challenging cultures requiring change.

WOUTER is open, spontaneous, innovative and focused on continuous improvement. In difficult situations he will get the best out of teams. His strengths include:
  • Optimizing logistics / ICT processes
  • (Energy) reduction
  • Change management and operational excellence.

Wouter studied mechanical engineering. He has 20+ years experience in discrete industry / infra / logistics.
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Positions technical products convincingly into the market.

GERARD is a charming, successful B2B marketing & sales and business development manager, booking results through his empathy, customer focus and team approach. Gerard is communicative, convincing, able to see through and (re)solve complex situations and able to to motivate people. This way he manages to realize structural improvements in often challenging, stressful situations.

Gerard studied mechanical engineering / business administration. He has 20+ years experience in international industry.
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Develops teams with passion and creativity.

MAURICE is an enthusiastic, creative and customer focused change manager. He excels in bringing back the essence of complex situations. He likes to set clear objectives and scope, always with plenty of room for people’s own ideas and creativity. His leadership style is based on trust. Maurice is a good listener who knows to recognize and develop talent, to create commitment and to give constructive feedback.

Maurice studied politics / public administration. He has 15+ years of experience in profit- / non-profit sectors.

DOWN TO EARTH strengthens you in sustainable business practices: good for people, planet and profit.